Solar Electric Provider

Derek Brain
Senior PV Project Manager
Transformations Inc

Your Solar Electric System

  • Modules: LG 280W Module
  • Inverter: Solectria PVI 6600TL
  • System Size STC DC: 6kW / townhouse
  • Expected Annual Output: 7,226kWh / townhouse
  • Expected Annual percentage of electricity usage: 65%-70% (Covering Heating/Cooling, Hot Water, Cooking, Lighting and Appliances)


The solar array’s expected Annual Output of 7,226kWh / townhouse is equivalent to:

  • The annual greenhouse gas emissions from 11,864 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle
  • The CO2 emissions from the burning of 5,352 lbs of coal
  • The carbon sequestered by 4.1 Acres of U.S. forest in one year
  • The carbon sequestered by 128 tree seedlings grown for 10 years